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Breaking the Barrier of Your Mind



Breaking the Barrier’s in Your Mind

So on our Facebook page, I posed the question with these pictures:  “What do they have to do with you?”  As Paul Harvey used to say, “And this is the rest of the story.”

So who drew these pictures?  Was it a well known artist?  Was it a school age art student? …….or was it someone so much more?

It should be pretty obvious by the dates on the pictures, that clearly the skill of the artist has been getting better.  This particular artist is a friend of mine, Larry, and he only started drawing about a year and a half ago.  See, up until 4 years ago, his time was spent at GM developing cars.  That was until that terrible morning when Larry suffered a stroke at home before work.  The incident has left the right side of his body paralyzed, and he is unable to speak but a couple of words (fortunately he understands everything that is said to him).  Through the love and encouragement of his wife and friends, Larry has carved back out a life as best he can with what gifts God has kept in him, and he is a joy to be around during our regular visits and bar outings.

But the drawings……..those incredible drawings.  See, one of the things I didn’t mention is that Larry is right handed.  So he has spent the last year and a half learning how to be an artist with his opposite hand!  We are amazed and delighted when every couple of months we get a letter from Larry with a new sketch, each better then the last.

So now, I ask you……WHAT IS REALLY LIMITING YOU, AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE IN LARRY’S SHOES?  I just read a story where the elderly were asked what their biggest regrets were in life, and it was the things they DIDN’T do, the things they DIDN’T try while they were able.  Look at the incredible challenges Larry has had to overcome to do with his opposite hand that most of us couldn’t do with our dominant hand.

How long are you going to wait before you take on that next challenge?  How do you know you won’t suffer the same fate as Larry tomorrow?  And then what?  Will you be patting yourself on the back for all of the challenges you AVOIDED in your life?  The only thing hold you back……is YOU!

I’m here to tell you……CAST THAT DOUBT ASIDE and get on with life!  Think it was easy opening Gracie Barra Novi?  Do you think we would be happier had we played it safe and avoided the risk?  Would YOU our students be happier if we never took the risk?  So many students I’ve talked with have expressed a desire to do more, to compete, to challenge themselves, but when the moment of truth comes, so do the excuses.  What are you waiting for?  There is no perfect time…..there is no perfect preparation……there is no perfect shape you will be in.  I have YET to compete in a tournament where I was completely healthy and totally prepared.  And you know what, at 45 years old, I probably never will be.  So what are my choices?  I choose to fight with guys younger and heavier and give ’em hell, win or lose, that’s what I choose.  I’m only now starting to break through my own mental barrier I’ve had since I first stepped on a wrestling mat 30 years ago, and I’m a better person for it.

OR ARE YOU A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN THINKING ABOUT STARTING A MARTIAL ART PROGRAM.  Let me guess….you’ve been THINKING about it for at least a year, right?  Well, in that year you’ve been thinking about it, you could now be a blue belt, in great shape, and in a school with a bunch of new friends.  But instead, you’ve been “playing it safe”, convincing yourself that the little voice in your head is right because “it’s just not the right time.”  Well, by the time the “right time” comes along, it might be too late.  Just click to the right to get started today!

What is that personal fear that you have yet to conquer?  Only you know, and only you can overcome it.  BUT OVERCOME IT YOU MUST, or succumb to your own doubts.  Next year, come back to this post and ask yourself the following question:

A) Am I glad I avoided all of those challenges, all of those experiences and memories that never happened to avoid risk?  OOORRRRR

B) Am I glad I met my fears head on and kicked their asses and have incredible memories of my domination over them?

I choose “B”!  When I come back and read this next year, I can’t wait to see the story I have written.  What will yours be?

Coach Greg

Gracie Barra Novi


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