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Kids Classes: More than just BJJ

Today I wanted to talk to you about all of the benefits your children will receive from our Martial Arts Program.  While the primary physical skills they are learning will teach them a very powerful martial art, the bigger benefits are how they grow as people.  Our programs are structured to instill a sense of respect, discipline and leadership to make YOU look like a great parent when your children are with you outside of the school walls.  So how do we accomplish this and more?  Let me explain.

1) Respect:  When your child enters our academy, right off of the bat we describe the rules and etiquette that every student must follow.  We also explain that there are consequences to not following the rules.  Additionally, each child will go home after their introductory class with a homework assignment designed to reinforce this behavior.  They must learn our 7 Respectful Comments:  Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Maam, No Maam, Please, Thank You and You’re Welcome and respond accordingly in class.

2) Disclipline: Through repeated actions of the rules, your children will become accustomed to following a set of appropriate guidelines.  This repeated behavior helps YOU as a parent create a similar structure at home for your children to follow.  We have proven success of taking even the most rambunctious 3 year olds and providing a framework of structure that they understand and follow.

3) Leadership:  THE #1 fear most people have is public speaking.  This even ranks higher than the fear of death!  As Gerry Seinfeld put it, this means people would rather be the person being eulogized, than the one doing the eulogy.  First and foremost with leadership, is people need to be confident speakers in front of a group.  Through our belt test and promotion process, we require our students to demonstrate AND describe the techniques they have learned to the entire class.  This process develops their ability and confidence to speak loudly, clearly, and forcefully in front of a group of people.

4) Overcoming Fear and Anxiety:  One of the biggest emotional challenges our young students face is overcoming the fear and anxiety that comes with a stressful situation.  When we have our students grappling at full speed, initially some of children will have their senses overloaded with the pace and intensity of the situation.  I have also even as an adult been in that situation when sparring initially.  People need to know how to handle that situation in real life.  One of our favorite slogans at the school is, “You never know what your limits are until you go past them.”  And until you go past them you will NEVER know how to handle them.  Through the confines of a controlled environment, we give your child the ability to address and overcome the fear of an intense situation.  This could be a life saving skill they take with them for the rest of their lives.

But like anything in life, these lessons take time and practice.  They will never be learned in just a weekend.  But look at all of the benefits your child receives IN ADDITION to learning a powerful martial art, meeting new friends, and having a fun time doing it.

Call us today for your OWN private intro class, as we look forward to help you begin your own journey to a better, improved YOU.

Thank You,

Greg Fernandes

Gracie Barra Novi


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