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MUST READ PART II: New Student Mindset

So often when people enter our gym, we hear comments like this:

“I don’t really care about belt ranks, I just want to learn”,  or

“I’m not in a rush to get to a black belt, but it is one of my goals.”

I think those comments stem from the fact that when most people walk into a BJJ school, they are naturally in a humbled position entering a situation where they feel most everyone in the school could easily beat them up, and they don’t want to ruffle any feathers.  And while BJJ will continue to humble you, the “taking your time” attitude is NOT the right mind-frame to have.

When you become a member of a BJJ school, you can be both humble AND driven.  When you begin your own journey, you should pursue your development with a fiery aggression, with the goal of achieving your black belt as quickly as possible.

We are given limited time on this earth, and ANYTHING worth achieving demands that we devote ourselves fully to that endeavor.  WHY, if this is a goal of yours, would you do ANYTHING less than sprint towards the finish line?  I’m not saying this goal should be ahead of God, family and work, but with the time you DO have to give it, why would you not continue to ask, “How can I get there the fastest?”  Chances are you are spending money working towards this goal, money that required your time to earn.  WHY ON EARTH would you squander that precious time by not figuring out how to achieve that goal quickly?

There is a very real…………but unknown deadline on this goal as well.  Schools come and go and instructors come and go.  EVEN IN A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL, do not get complacent that the instructors will always be there, and you will always have plenty of time to learn from them.  People age, accidents happen, take the time to learn everything you can NOW.  DO NOT WAIT as that time WILL pass you by before you know it.

RIGHT NOW, you have the best access to our head black belt instructor THAT YOU MAY EVER HAVE.  BE IN A HURRY.  Attend class regularly, practice diligently at class, and don’t be afraid to ask how you can achieve your goals as fast as possible!

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