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Sacrifice. Are you willing?

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This weekend I had a decision to make.  Do I attend my daughter’s regional gymnastics meet and cancel classes, or do I place our dedicated students and parents above my own desires?


Years ago, I had someone succinctly state that hard decisions were not between a good choice and bad choice, but between two equally good choices.  This weekend, as a family, we decided that I should stay and teach classes to prepare our kids for their belt test on Tuesday.  They have been working very hard and are really looking forward to their first official belt test.  It is a good decision.


I could have just as easily told our students and parents that I was cancelling classes and going to watch my daughters’ final meet of the season in Indianapolis, and I can tell you I would have felt no guilt for putting my family above the business.  It would have been a good decision as well.


But in either of those decisions…….there was a sacrifice that HAD to be made.  The sacrifice I made supported some amazing kids as they work towards their own goals, while missing a precious event in my daughters’ life as she took first place in one of her events, and in probably the most competitive meet of the year.  She may never repeat that feat again, and it hurts incredibly bad to miss it.  But the most important people in my (your) life will at times NOT be the highest priority at any given moment, and you may miss an important milestone.


My point is not to make anyone feel bad for me, I chose a great decision this weekend and was rewarded for it at the same time a sacrifice had to me made.   We need to make our own decisions and determine our own priorities in life.  We are given limited time in this life and to achieve anything great we MUST sacrifice something.  Maybe it’s time with your family, maybe it’s time with your friends, maybe it’s a promotion at work, maybe it’s putting someone else’s desires ahead of your own.  Only you know what you are willing to do.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE?  What are you so passionate about that you are willing to sacrifice potentially the most important things in your life to achieve?  NOTHING in this life comes without sacrifice.

Do you want to one day be a black belt?  Do you REALLY want to be a black belt?

Then what are YOU willing to sacrifice to get there?  When you step on the mat, you need to know that all kinds of sacrifices have been made by either you, your family members, and even your instructors in the name of developing you as a person.  That sacrifice is not a crutch, it is a gift that you need to use to develop the fire in your belly to be the best you can be AT THAT VERY MOMENT EVERY TIME!

When you are on the mat, and maybe your spouse is at home watching your children for you, don’t you think you owe it to them to give 100% for the gift they gave you?

When you are on the mat, and maybe your parents have committed 2 hours of their day to get you there, don’t you think you owe it to them to give 100% for the gift they gave you?

When you are on the mat, and maybe your instructors have sacrificed their family time to be with you, don’t you think you owe it to them to give 100% for the gift they gave you?

When you are on the mat, and people have entrusted their faith in you as an instructor, don’t you think I owe it to you to give 100% every time?

Sacrifice is a blessing that makes us stronger.

Will you let it make you stronger?



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