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Congratulations to the 33 students who passed their belt test in November!  This was one of our largest promotion classes.  Special congratulations to Joe Carah who received his purple belt!
Belt promotions for  adults at our Gracie Barra MI schools consists of a 2 hour test that encompasses technique, cardio/endurance evaluation and live sparring.  Students are tested on topics covered from the last exam along with many of the standard fundamental techniques taught throughout the rotating curriculum.

Our kids program continues to grow with new students competing and passing belt tests every quarter.  Starting with just 4 kids in the fall of 2013, we have grown to 25 full time students with more being added every month.  We are excited to have our first student ready to change belt colors on his next promotion.  Our kids belt testing consists of performing techniques learned from the previous belt test along with live sparring from their feet and from the ground.

At some martial arts schools, belts promotions are handed out based on attendance and instructor recommendation.   At our Gracie Barra Schools, rigorous testing is employed to make sure students have learned the material and are able to execute techniques.  Students are pushed through the cardio portion of the testing so at the completion of the testing, they understand that they clearly had to work to EARN their promotion.

Belt testing is an integral part of the Gracie Barra system, especially for children.  Goal setting and accomplishment allows children to focus their energy to achieve a goal.  Along with our standard belt tests, children have the opportunity during each class to earn additional rewards.  Every class, we recognize 2 students with the “move of the day” and “student of day” awards.  An orange stripe is awarded to the student recognized with the outstanding move or technique during the class, and green stripe is awarded to the student who displays the best character during the entire class.  Stripes are added to the end of the child’s belt so they can literally wear their promotions as a sense of accomplishment.  Students also receive a black stripe on their belts once they compete in a tournament.  Receiving daily stripes has been an incredibly successful motivator for all of the kids, helping them keep focused during class.  And believe me, they NEVER let us forget to put the stripes out on display before the class.

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Prof Jim Burchfield

Coach Greg Fernandes

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Adult Belt Promotions

Adult Belt Promotions

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