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Why Train Jiu-Jitsu Instead of Your Local Gym?

How many times have you driven by a gym and told yourself, “You know, I need to join a gym to get in shape?”  Then after you have joined that gym, how many times have your driven past that gym on your way to some other function and thought to yourself, “You know, I really should go to the gym now that I’m a member.”  Then 6 months later when your contract is up, you drive by the gym and think to yourself, “Wow, that membership was a waste of money.”

I have nothing at all against the typical gym.  Anything that people find that gets them in shape and keeps them healthy is a great service to them and their family.  I was a member of a local gym for a while about 20 years ago.  I spent $600 on a 1 year contract and went to the gym exactly 4 times in that one year.  That worked out to $150 PER VISIT.  The running joke I tell everyone is at that cost per visit, it’s probably good I DIDN’T go anymore because I would be broke.  Now-a-days, people have many more choices than 20 years ago.  There are the super high end gyms with all of the latest gadgets that will cost you an arm and leg.  There are the super inexpensive gyms that offer the basics.  You have 24 hour gyms for all of those people that want to work out at 4am, and the list goes on and on.  But they all have one fatal flaw.  None of those gyms provide the constant encouragement and motivation of an experienced trainer to push you and get the most out of you, while at the same time learning the potentially life saving skills provided by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We have ALL been there at our local gym, desperately trying to get motivated to walk in the door for yet again, another 1000 stairsteps, another 20 miles on a bike looking at a screen, or another 5 miles running in place.  For all but the super mentally strong, at some point the luster of the routine fades, and we fall back into the mind set of “I’ll get started again NEXT week.”  I know I have been there all too many times.  That is where the benefit of training in BJJ takes over!

When you walk into your basic gym, it is up to you to figure out a routine, figure out what to do and not to do, motivate yourself, and bring your own friends if you want support.  The beauty of training BJJ, is that we take care of ALL of that for you.  At the end of a long day at work, who wants to put more energy in figuring out ONE MORE THING.  At our Gracie Barra academy, WE provide your motivation and encouragement every single class through an instructor led curriculum.  WE provide a group of like minded people that you WILL get to know since you have to interact with them on a personal level.  WE will take care of planning out the class events so you don’t have to worry about it.  WE will provide constant feedback on your progress every class.

But more than that, all of your fellow classmates will provide that as well.  It is practically impossible to not be motivated in a format that requires personal interaction for almost everything you do.  New students will be helped along by experienced students.  When you are feeling tired or unmotivated, you will have someone literally right by your side encouraging you to keep going.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty hard to not be motivated when you start sparring with someone that is.  I GUARANTEE you will turn your motivation level up at that point!

The other wonderful aspects of training BJJ, are that you are not only getting shape, but you are learning a powerful martial art, and learning skills that could potentially save your life.  At the end of the day…or month….or year…..would you rather be able to pick up a few more pounds of weight than you did before, or would you rather have the confidence of knowing a powerful self defense martial art?   Our training regime will actually get you BOTH of those benefits, so what do you have to lose?  The answer is clearly nothing when you take advantage of the best introductory package offered in the state for any martial art school.  Try our programs for 30 DAYS FREE……that’s right, no money down, and no commitment for 30 days, and then ON TOP OF THAT, we offer a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out of the basic gym rut and try something new, something better, something potentially life saving with a group of people who are destined to become lifelong friends as well.  Give us a call now at 248-207-7555 to set up your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL now.  And we will see YOU…..on the mat!

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